July 03, 2020 4 min read

We have just gone past the halfway point in the year, and for many of us working from home, it's just gone over 100 days since quarantine (in some effect) started. The “new normal”, as many people are calling it, has changed the way a lot of us are working.

Those of us who work in offices have gone from sitting at a comfortable chair, at our ergonomically designed table with a computer at the right height, to now figuring out how to balance laptops on a stack of books at the kitchen table, getting mics working for Zoom calls, and failing to make coffee just like it was done at the favourite coffee spot on the morning commute.

While there is seemingly no end date for when things ease down, and everyone can go back to work properly, there are ways we can make working from home much more comfortable and accessible. That includes finding some fantastic and utterly unique products which take the strain off working in these new ways. You may even go so far as to say they’regame changers for home working.

Let's take a look at some of the best products you'll currently find online which you can get delivered right to your front door (contact free of course) which will make working from home that much easier.

Our pick of the top game-changing products to work from home:

  1. Posture Cushion
  2. Physical Calendar
  3. Smart Speaker
  4. Ergonomic Keyboard
  5. Proper Coffee
  6. Wireless Headphones
  7. Blue Light Glasses

Here is some more information about each of these products

1: Posture Cushion

There’s a reason why sitting in office chairs is easy; every little part of it has been designed meticulously to support and comfort your body. Many of us working from home have had to swap wheely chairs for the dining room table, and that means you have to adjust your body in new ways which may not be right at all. 

If you’ve found yourself leaning forward too much, straining around the wrist, or sitting with your feet crossed under your chair, a posture cushion can help. They help make any hard seats softer, force you to correct your posture and help avoid lower back pain.

2: Physical Calendar

“Yeah, wait, hold on, let me check here one second while it’s loading….”

Does this sound like you trying to figure out what your diary looks like after being asked on the group call? Well, there’s a surprisingly old-school method that can fix that.

Remember that novelty calendar someone got you for Secret Santa that is still sitting in its plastic wrapper? Get it out and hang it up. Unlike flicking between Outlook, Google Calendar and whichever platforms you have to juggle to figure out what you’re doing today, having a real calendar in your line of vision gives you a reason to get up (the more you move around, the better) and jot down your plans for the week.

So whether it’s hunky firemen, cute dogs, or your favourite celebrity gracing this month’s page, a simple calendar is a surprising game changer.

3: Smart Speaker

Always hated that the office only ever has the same radio station on all day? Miss telling someone else what to do as well? Well, now it’s time for Alexa or Google to take orders. Smart Speakers are becoming incredibly cheap (you can get a Google Home Mini ordered for around £21/€25) and they become the perfect work companion when you sync it with your phone and Spotify. 
You can tell it to call someone on the fly, set reminders and appointments, and avoid having to rely on the tiny speakers on your laptop.

4: Ergonomic Keyboard

Has the switch from your computer and desk to laptop and table caused you to slow down in the late afternoon because your wrists are feeling strained? You might never have noticed that keyboards in offices (although looking quite boring) are designed so that you can type all day long without a problem, especially with being able to distance your screen at the right height.

That notion is out the window with your laptop. You may work around it by plugging the laptop into a monitor and using the laptop only as a keyboard. However, they’re still not the best as providing support on your hands, especially if you type with your hands resting on either side of the mousepad.

Get yourself an ergonomic keyboard to avoid cramping in the hands, and the need to be looking down at your laptop screen all day.

5: Proper Coffee

There’s a reason why your one scoop of instant coffee in the mug doesn’t give you the same pep as your favourite flat white/espresso first thing in the morning on the way to work. It’s just not a great coffee replacement.

You might baulk at the idea of buying a load of kit for coffee but weigh up the pros and cons over getting a takeaway coffee every day. There are companies like BrewBox, Origin and Pact who deliver bags of ground coffee straight to your door, with many introductory offers giving you filters and the like for free. 

It’s a must, especially now that all the money you’ve saved from commuting can go towards a fresh cup of Joe.

6: Wireless Headphones

If you’re working from home and on your own, you should be fine, but if you’re working from home and so is everyone else, reliable wireless headphones (or earphones) is a must.

A decent pair will help get rid of all the noise around the house, help you concentrate, and make endless meetings that much easier if you want to get up and move around. Just make sure to tap the mute button if you’re boiling the kettle or running to the toilet.

7: Blue Light Glasses

blue light glasses in pink


We’d be silly if we didn’t finish with the one thing everyone needs. If you’re sitting in front of a laptop all day, while checking your phone, and then finishing work to go straight to the TV, tablet, or phone again, you need to give your eyes a chance to relax.

A decent pair ofKanturo blue light glasses are cheap, resourceful and help minimise eye ache in the evenings, especially if you’ve been using the free time in the evenings to clear your watchlist on Netflix.

You can shop the entire range here, and see our latest designs.

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