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It’s estimated that adults spend an average of 11 hours per day interacting with media in some form. That can be anything from watching TV, being on the internet, playing games to looking at social media – you’d be surprised just how much screens are prevalent in our daily lives.

Just think about the average morning commute for someone in a city. From waking up to getting to the office desk, your eyes could be checking your phone, timetables, large LCD billboards, café menus (on screens) and that’s all before you sit down to turn on your computer and stare at it all day.

All those electronic devices are emitting blue light that you’re going to be looking at - a lot! While it’s good to get natural sources of blue light in your life, a continual stream isn’t so great. One of the easiest ways to combat it is with a pair of blue light blocking glasses like the range we have here at Kanturo.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll find from using these glasses over time and information on why someone you know may benefit from having a pair of Kanturo glasses.

What are the benefits of wearing blue light glasses?


There are a host of benefits to wearing blue light glasses.

Benefits of wearing blue light glasses include:

  • Helping the eye do its job better
  • Promoting better melatonin production
  • Helping improve circadian rhythm
  • Helping you get ready for bed and better sleep
  • Helping when it hasto

Blue light glasses help the eye to its job better

Your eye’s cornea and lens do a fantastic job every day of stopping UV light hitting the retina in the back of your eye. It can’t do the same for blue light though, and with all of it able to reach the back of the eye, your retina can feel like it’s going into overdrive to help protect the light-sensitive cells.

Blue light doesn’t frazzle the cells; it simply puts a larger level of strain in that area that can easily be avoided by acting smart. It’s a bit like having the “big light” on in the living room all the time. After a while, your eyes are going to feel the strain and will let you know they want you to turn things down a little bit.

Can blue glasses help with melatonin production?

Yes. Your body is waiting for it to get dark; this lets it know it’s time to release melatonin and let you relax. If you’re the kind of person to get home and spend the evening staring at your phone or laptop, your brain is going to be tricked into waiting for that melatonin release. That’s why so many people who look at their screens right up until bed feel restless and have trouble getting themselves to sleep.

If you’re thinking of getting a pair to wear at home in the evenings, take a look at our women’s blue light glasses and men’s blue light glasses.

How do blue glasses affect your circadian rhythm?

blue light and circadian rythm

Anyone who works on a shift basis, especially those who work the night shift, will know all too well the problems of trying to keep your body in a regular pattern.

If you’re having to look at screens in the dark and then finish work when the sun is out, your body clock is going to feel scrambled. For someone who works irregular shift patterns and knows they’re exposed to a lot of blue light, you might want to take a look at the following glasses:

The benefit of wearing blue light glasses before bed

Are you someone who’s nightly routine involves putting on your “softs”, doing some exfoliation and flossing after dinner? Well, why not add putting your blue light glasses on as well?

Many of us now spend the evenings on the sofa watching TV, often using our phones at the same time too. That’s a double dose of screen activity that you’re taking in right before bed, and it’s even worse if you’re in the habit of getting in bed and then looking at your phone with the lights off.

Blue light glasses help when they have to

Not all blue light is bad. In fact, there are benefits to blue light exposure in everyday life. After all, the sun emits blue light which actively helps the body when you’re outside enjoying it. But much like how being exposed to too much UV light can result in sunburn, blue light isn’t something you want in your eyes all day long either.

That’s why it helps to have a pair when you know you’re going to be in front of a screen or out and about.

Are blue light glasses right for you?

kanturo blue light glasses in pink

Kanturo glasses don’t require a prescription and can be worn by anyone with normal vision. When you browse our range of blue light glasses, you’ll see all types of styles to suit any look.

Can blue glasses be worn all the time?

Yes, they can, but it’s advisable to give your eyes the chance to react to light naturally as well. Blue light may be everywhere, but as long as you’re not staring right at light sources or intentionally looking at elements that can hurt your eyes, your glasses should be used when you’re looking to limit exposure during periods you feel your eyes would benefit from it.

Can someone with AMD use blue light glasses?

While there still isn’t a list of definite symptoms that cause Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) for middle-aged and older people, glasses like those you’ll find at Kanturo can help make it easier for those affected to use devices like phones and tablets, especially if you’re already in a home that has to have brighter lights around the place to help with the effects of AMD.

Some customers consider Kanturo glasses as a complimentary item to have alongside reading glasses.

How can I find more information blue light?

Visit our page that answers the question “What is Blue Light?”

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