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Right now, as you read this, you could be a heart, oval, diamond, square, round or regular old so and so.

While these might sound like the title of a new Pokémon game, these are actually some of the ways the shape of your face can be described. Depending on who you ask and what you read online, there are anywhere from five to a dozen different face shapes.

Many opticians will have their own unique terms and namesakes to help fit customers in with a product line. This tends to muddy the waters and confuse people who might be told they’re a triangle face in one place and a heart in another.

If you’re buying blue light glasses for the first time and have just found out what blue light is, you’re going to want to know which glasses would suit you the best.

Helping everyone find glasses by face shape


glasses for your face shape

Before we have a look at some of the distinctive shapes between girls and guys, it helps to know what attributes of your face will have the biggest impact on which glasses will suit you best.

For many people who buy blue light glasses, they’ll never have had a pair of glasses before, and may feel that trying to find the perfect pair can be a little overwhelming.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t need to be.

When finding the right type of glasses to suit your face, you’ll want to think about:

  • The width and shape of your forehead
  • How the way you let hair lie affects the shape of your face
  • The “shape” of your chin
  • How broad of a jaw you have

Sound a little daunting? Well, allow us to help you make the right choice. After all, it’s just as important for your new glasses to look & feel right as it is for them to work perfectly.

Understanding your glasses by the frame shape

If you ignore the endless lists, there’s a rough count of around seven different face shapes someone can have. They are:

  • Pear
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Round
  • Oval

And here is what you should know about each shape.


Glasses someone with a triangle face should go for: Small frames and aviators

A famous example of a “pear” face: Kelly Osbourne

kelly osbourne

How to know if you have this face shape?

The “weight” of your face is focussed on your jawline and rounds itself out at the corner of the cheekbones, like you’re drawing the bottom half of a pear.

Because of how high the curve can be on the top of the cheek, you don’t want larger lenses that overhang. Instead, you’d want smaller round frames or a squared bottom to your lens.

Inverted Triangle

Glasses someone with a triangle face should go for: Wide bottom and light frames

A famous example of a “triangle” face: Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson

How to know if you have this face shape?

Having a triangle head doesn’t mean you have a pointy chin. When looking in a mirror, if you feel like above your brow is the widest part of the head and falls down like a triangle towards your chin, you have a triangle face.

With this shape, you’d be looking for glasses with a wide bottom to push out that shape. If you go for glasses with an ornate top, it will only lengthen the triangle.


Glasses someone with a rectangle face should go for: glasses that cover the brow and “square” out.

A famous example of a “rectangle” face: Jon Hamm

jon hamm

How to know if you have this face shape?

Could your face just about fit in a rectangle without the edges spilling out? Someone with a rectangular face will have close to a straight hairline on the forehead and a strong jawline.

You’ll also have to cheekbones that curve at the top rather than out to the side.


Glasses someone with a square face should go for: Narrow frames that have an angle.

A famous example of a “square” face: Brad Pitt

brad pitt

How to know if you have this face shape?

Square is different from rectangle for the simple fact that width and length look more proportionate to each other. It’s not that they exactly are, but merely that they give such an appearance.

You don’t want to go for round frames on a square face or get thick rectangular frames as they’ll bring out negative features.


Glasses someone with a heart shaped face should go for: wide frames or cat-eye style lenses.

A famous example of a “heart” face: Julia Roberts

julia roberts

How to know if you have this face shape?

Your forehead is wider than your jaw. Unlike in inverted triangle though, your hairline rounds (or you have a natural widow’s peak) and your cheekbones are high rather than sticking out.

You’ll also find that your face is longer than wider. Someone with a heart face would want to bring the size of the forehead down by getting wide frames that make your head seem smaller.


Glasses someone with a round face should go for: round frames

A famous example of a “round” face: Emma Stone

emma stone

How to know if you have this face shape?

A lack of angles is the main indicator you have a round face. You’ll have fuller cheekbones but no harsher angles on your jaw.

You want glasses that match this shape as square and narrow lenses can throw off the shape of the face.


Glasses someone with an oval face should go for: any really

A famous example of an “oval” face: Beyoncé


How to know if you have this face shape?

You have a tall forehead, and the widest part of the face will be your cheekbones. Your jaw also needs to be soft. A lot of people will tend to be oval if they have a balanced face.

The lack of distinction is something you can use to your advantage as it opens you up to almost any frame type, but it can look bear if you get glasses that are just a little wider than your face.

Helping girls find their face

It helps to have a rough idea of what your face shape is as it can then inform which glasses are best suited to that shape. You might be looking at our women’s blue light glasses right now and thinking you like the look of the Feather pair when in reality your face might be a better fit for a pair of Dawn styled glasses.

Take into advice the shapes mentioned here, have a good look in the mirror and visualise which shape suits you best. Most women will have a combination face with a mixture of styles. Now, this might sound like it’ll make choosing the right pair more difficult, but as long as you take note of your forehead, cheeks and chin, you can take a good stab at what frames will suit.

Sorting the guys out

glasses for men

Like finding a good men’s shop that has clothes that don’t look dull and will fit you just right, men can have a tough time working out which glasses are right for their face shape. Glasses are one of the rare wearable items where the options on the shelf are just as broad as they are for women.

If you’re looking at our men’s blue light glasses just now, you might default straight to a pair of Original Kanturo™ Blue Light Blocking Glasses, without knowing that Skye or Gamer could fit your face much better.

Guys simply need to take into account their jaw shape and forehead. Stick with the rule that if your features are rounded, your lenses should be too. If your face is broad, you want to aim for narrow glasses.

Find the right shaped glasses right now!

Shop the entire Kanturo collection and see which blue light blocking glasses suit the shape you need and the style you’re looking for.


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