February 14, 2020 3 min read

Out of all the craziness you’d expect to find from Gears of Wars, there was one addition in Gears 5 that made the team at Kanturo very happy. When WWE legend and movie star Batista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner 2049) showed up as a playable character, he came with a pair of glasses! The former world champion was helping make gaming glasses cool, as they should be!

As any avid gamer will know when you spend longer than you should in front of a screen for a session, a common habit to develop after quitting a game is to take your thumb & index finger and give your eyes a good rub around. And while it may now be seen as something of a trope (just how often do you see actors doing it on TV?), there is some truth that spending a long time close to a screen is going to be sending your eyes mixed messages about what time of day or night it really is.

Blue light blocking glasses for gaming

So what can gamers do to help battle light exposure and ensure it doesn’t mess up circadian rhythms? All Kanturo Blue light blocking glasses can help you level up and find the answers.

In this short post, we’re going to discuss the benefits of getting your own pair of gaming glasses, and what you can do to avoid digital eye strain.

What are blue light gaming glasses?

Blue Light Gaming Glasses will help reduce your exposure to blue light from digital sources. While having some exposure to blue light is entirely natural, too much of it is a bad thing.

Over-exposure to blue light can:

  • reduce melatonin secretion
  • make your eyes feel dry
  • disrupt sleep patterns (more on this here)
  • increase the chances of having a headache

girl wearing blue light filtering gaming glasses

What is blue light doing while I’m playing?

Blue light is pesky in that the signals it sends to your retina are telling your brain that you want to be alert (great for gaming) and wide awake (terrible at night). When you’re overexposed to it while playing, you are not letting yourself go through the normal process of winding down at the end of the day.

You can find more in-depth information about blue light by clicking here.

Won’t blue light gaming glasses change the colours on my screen?

No. Unlike some of our competitors, our glasses don’t have coloured lenses and therefore won’t disrupt how you see visuals on screen. So, you can keep on gaming without hindering your experience.

man wearing blue light blocking gaming glasses

Are blue light glasses only for gaming?

No. We recommend using these glasses if you’re someone who has to spend a lot of their day looking at screens of any kind, especially if you’re used to being at a computer screen for work for extended periods of the day.

Are gaming glasses and computer glasses different?

No. They’re one and the same, and you shouldn’t need a pair for each, especially if you get yours from our collection.

Will these glasses block blue light?

Blue light is a very tricky thing to control. For example, when you wear a pair of sunglasses that offer UV protection, blue light still easily gets through the lenses.

With gaming lenses, the lenses are actually absorbing blue light as much as possible so it can’t reach the back of your eye. Glasses can’t really deflect blue light rays.

It isn’t advised that you wear one pair of glasses over another. We recommend talking to an optician about getting a prescribed pair that won’t cause any problems.

woman wearing kanturo blue light filter glasses

How long can someone game without gaming glasses?

We hate to think someone is hurting their eyes by playing without their gaming glasses on, but if you do find yourself without them, you’ll want to take a break away from your seen at least once per hour.

And that’s a break without lifting your phone and having a quick check of apps as it too emits blue light. An excellent way to help your eyes reset a little is to look at objects far away. The lack of focus your eyes have to do when looking at something in the distance helps the muscles to relax.

Can you wear blue light gaming glasses outside?

Yes. These glasses aren’t just confined to in front of a screen - they can be worn outdoors or if you’re someone who doesn’t need a glasses prescription but have been feeling the effects of a headache or migraine lately from looking at screens for too long.

Where can I shop for blue light gaming glasses?

Take a look at what we currently have on offer at Kanturo, with blue light glasses for men and blue light blocking glasses for women.

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