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Everything You Need To Know About Prescription Blue Light Glasses

As a leading blue light glasses brand, we get a lot of questions about anything and everything to do with blue light. One area in particular which has seen a lot of interest in recent months has been regarding prescription blue light glasses. To help avoid any confusion, we thought it would be a great idea to give you answers to some of the most popular questions we’ve been asked about the topic, and hopefully provide information which will help you shop for the right product. Let’s get into it, shall we?

What are prescription blue light glasses?

These are glasses or sunglasses which are made to your prescription and will have a blue light filter on the lenses. The filter will typically be applied on the front of the lenses in a similar fashion to an anti-glare or scratch-resistant coating on glasses.

Do prescription blue light glasses look blue?

It will depend on the brand you have and the type of filter being applied. For example, if you look at the range of non-prescription Kanturo glasses, you’ll see we don’t have any intense colour on the lenses. You should not expect the colour of prescription lenses to be changed dramatically.

Don’t prescription glasses already protect from blue light?

Typically, prescription glasses are not made with a blue light filter. In some cases, if your opticians have a protective coating on the lenses, it will usually be a standard UV light filter similar to what is used on sunglasses.

Can my prescription glasses be made into blue light glasses?

You’ll have to ask your optician or the company which designed your prescription glasses. Some companies are able to apply a filter layer over the top, while others may recommend getting the lenses fully replaced with new ones which have a filter built-in.

How much will my optician charge for blue light glasses?

It will depend on the following:

  • Your prescription glasses
  • Your optician
  • Whether you’re getting filters or new lenses

Some opticians may provide blue light filtering for free. Just don’t get stuck paying a premium on blue light glasses when you don’t have to.

I sometimes wear contact lenses. Can I wear blue light glasses at the same time?

It is possible to wear non-prescription blue light glasses while having contacts on, as it won’t impede vision. When you have a pair of blue light glasses and notice problems while wearing contacts, you should stop wearing the glasses as they haven’t been designed properly. If you’re looking for ways to protect yourself from blue light, we recommend reading this blog post.

Can you buy blue light glasses without a prescription?

If you don’t already wear glasses, you’ll have no problem being able to buy blue light glasses without a prescription, and Kanturo can help. If this is your first time buying glasses, and you’re not sure which pair to pick, we recommend taking our Face Shape Quiz to figure out what frame style suits your face.

Do I need prescription glasses if I limit my screen time?

Making an effort to minimise screen time is important, and blue light glasses helps tremendously with reducing eye strain. If you don’t require a prescription for standard glasses, you can wear non-prescription blue light glasses to help with screen exposure. You can find more information on this topic by reading this recent blog post.

Does Kanturo sell prescription blue light glasses?

Currently, we don’t, but it is something we are working on. We get a lot of requests from glasses wearers about this and are trying our best to get a prescription range available in the store very soon. In the meantime, make sure you check out the entire range of blue light glasses!