Kanturo’s blue light glasses for women are the perfect stylish addition to any outfit, protecting your eyes from the negative effects of blue light while looking great too.

Offering a variety of different styles to suit your own unique look, Kanturo blue light glasses offer the best in protection without sacrificing on style.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a type of light that is part of our visible spectrum of light. It occurs naturally in sunlight, but we are increasingly being exposed to more from man-made sources such as screens and fluorescent lights.

As a spectrum, blue light itself has not been identified as directly harmful to our health, but over exposure to blue light has been tied to negative consequences like migraines, sore eyes, poor sleep and more.

Research is ongoing as to just how harmful over exposure to blue light can be, but connections have even been made between blue light and an increased incidence of cancer and depression.

girl wearing original kanturo blue light blocking glasses

How to protect against blue light?

Since over exposure to blue light has been identified as a possible negative impact on our health, it’s a no brainer that more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their exposure and protect their eyes.

There are lots of products out there that offer a way to reduce your blue light exposure, but unfortunately many of these also have drawbacks. For example, lots of devices now come with built-in blue light reduction options, but this can reduce the quality and vibrancy of the display when used.

Physical solutions can also have drawbacks, as physical filters which can be attached to screens are often bulky and disruptive.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses, like those we have here at Kanturo, offer protection by filtering out blue light and preventing much of the potentially harmful light from reaching your eyes.

Unlike some other blue light glasses that you might find out there, Kanturo glasses protect your eyes while helping you look even more fantastic.

girl in black kanturo blue light filtering glasses

Will blue light glasses help my sleep?

Unfortunately, one of the biggest consequences of over exposure to blue light is that it can disrupt our circadian rhythm – the process through which your body knows when it should be resting or sleeping. This is one of the reasons that using screens immediately before going to bed can make it more difficult for you to then fall asleep.

By reducing the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, blue light glasses can help to alleviate the impact that looking at screens can have on your sleep.

Many of our customers have reported that after wearing our glasses they have found it much easier to fall asleep at night – even after an extensive social media sesh right before bedtime.

Computer screen glasses for women

Spending a day looking at computer screens in work can take its toll on your eyes. We’ve all found ourselves rubbing our eyes and wishing we could look at anything other than the computer screen.

Well, no longer! Kanturo’s professional looking glasses are perfect for wearing around the office and they’ll help fight off any irritating dry eyes or painful headaches.

woman wearing pink blue light glasses

Blue light sunglasses

Blue light glasses aren’t only for when you’re sitting at your desk, they can help when you’re out and about too. Our phones have become an almost constant companion, but their screens emit blue light and are one of the main sources of exposure.

With Kanturo’s blue light sunglasses, you can focus on enjoying your time in the sun without having to worry about what taking a selfie on your phone might do to your eyes.

Eye strain glasses for women

Blue light may be a contributing factor to eye strain, which we all know can be quite a pain (pun intended) after a day at work. Blue light glasses can help keep the eye strain at bay and let you focus on what really needs doing.

If you frequently suffer from eye strain, try using the 20-20-20 technique to help prevent it. Every 20 minutes just look away from your screen and find something to focus on about 20 feet away, keep your eyes on this for 20 seconds and voila! It’s that simple.

girl at beach wearing blue light filtering glasses

Stylish blue light glasses

Gone are the days of computer glasses being oversized and very, very yellow – Kanturo blue light glasses are attractive and stylish, on top of filtering blue light effectively.

Whether you’re worried about reducing your exposure to blue light, or you just want to look extra stylish – Kanturo glasses are the perfect final touch to any look.

Blue light glasses to suit any face shape

No matter what face shape you have, we’ll have a pair of glasses to complement and highlight your best features.

Not sure what shape of glasses will look best for you?

The general rule of thumb is to accentuate the main features and smaller areas of your face. For example, if you have a narrow jaw, choose a pair with wider lenses.

 pink frame blue light blocking glasses

Non-prescription computer glasses

Glasses from Kanturo don’t require a prescription, so you can look and feel great even if you don’t normally wear glasses. Looking at a screen all day will get hard on anyone’s eyes, but with a pair of blue light glasses you can look great and beat off the strain at the same time.

Designer computer glasses for women

At Kanturo we like to keep things simple, our glasses are designed from the ground up to look stunning and protect your eyes from blue light.  Unlike some other retailers, we don’t put much stock in big names and instead let our products stand for themselves.

If you’re not a fan of your glasses for whatever reason, we offer a full refund if the glasses are returned in mint condition within the first 30 days of purchase.

lady in pink blue light blocker glasses

Blue light glasses for any look

Coming in all shapes and colours (round, square, coloured, clear and more) Kanturo glasses will look good on you no matter what your style is.

After a regular addition to your work outfit? Want a final accessory to finish off your date night look? Looking for something comfy and casual for a cosy streaming binge?

At Kanturo we have glasses that are perfect for it all.

Women's Blue Light Glasses

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