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Dawn Kanturo™ Blue Light Glasses - Kanturo
Dawn Kanturo™ Blue Light Glasses - Kanturo
Dawn Kanturo™ Blue Light Glasses - Kanturo

Dawn Kanturo™ Blue Light Glasses

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✔️ Filter harmful blue light
✔️ Get better sleep
✔️ Reduce headaches & sore eyes
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Upgrade Your Sleep & Health With Stylish Blue Light Glasses

Everyday we look at our computer, laptop and phone screens and everyday blue light from screens is damaging our eyes and sleeping patterns. 

Introducing the Kanturo™ Blue Light Glasses. Not only will they reduce tiredness, headaches and sore eyes, our unique Kanturo Technology diffuses harmful Blue Light Rays



☑Better Sleep - Research has shown that when we are exposed to blue light, it takes us an extra 1.5 hours to get to sleep in the evening. Blue Light Glasses help you get your 8+ hours of beauty sleep. 

☑More Energy - As you are no longer exposed to blue rays, you will see an increase in energy levels throughout your day. 

☑Cute & Confident - The Kanturo Blue light Glasses are designed to look sleek and stylish. If you've ever wanted to wear glasses to look extra cute, now you can!

☑Reduce Headaches or Sore Eyes - A common side effect of long term exposure to blue light is that it can cause headaches, sore eyes and retinal damage. Feel clear and confident with blue light glasses.

☑Research Based - Research has shown a potential link with cancer and depression relating to blue light exposure. Protect yourself from blue light emitting devices.

Product dimensions: 15cm x 14cm x 5cm

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